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(ET & MPH records must be backed up by 1% during the same event's qualifying or elimination rounds only)

Quickest Blown ET: Mike Maggio - 5.694 at 2014 spring diesel nationals (bakersfield)
Quickest Nitrous ET: Joe Lepone Jr. - 6.163 at 2012 NHRA Division 7 Drag Races (Sonoma)
Quickest Turbo ET: Scott Oksas - 5.918 at 2014 NHRA Division 7 Drag races (sonoma)

Fastest Blown MPH: Mike Maggio - 261.09 at 2012 Pro Mods at Mission Raceway (Mission)
Fastest Nitrous MPH: Dennis Radford - 237.40 at 2011 Nightfire Nationals (Boise)
Fastest Turbo MPH: Scott Oksas - 259.21 at 2013 Record Breaker Nationals (Las Vegas)

Largest Event: 18 entries at 2014 NHRA Division 7 drag races (sonoma)
Quickest Bump (8-car field): 6.007 at 2013 NHRA Division 7 Drag Races (Sonoma)
Tightest 8-Car Field: (#1) 5.819 - (#8) 6.007 (.188) at 2013 NHRA Division 7 Drag Races (Sonoma)

Quickest Side-by-Side Race: (W) Marc Meadors - 5.759 / 252.24 (L) Mike Maggio - 5.778 / 256.60 at 2013 Sonoma Bracket Drags (Sonoma)

Closest Side-by-Side Race: (W) Rod Burbage - .047, 6.259 (L) Jim Costa - .087, 6.227 - MOV: .008 or 3'6" at 2012 Super Chevy Show (Denver)

2015 will be the first year the WCOPMA will be limiting cars depending on power adder. Check out the new rules on the Rules/Fees tab above.

about us

In the fall of 2006, a group of West Coast racers embarked on a mission to create an "OUTLAW" Pro Modified association. This association would provide spectators with the type of fast, Pro Modified style racing that has become the standard in the United States, Canada and around the world. Pro Mod racing is what spectators have come to expect...fast, side-by-side, 6-second, "run what ya brung", door slammer racing.

West Coast Pro Modified racers have committed to put on one of the best shows in the country for spectators and track operators. With the support of the racers, fans, track operators, media and sponsors the West Coast Outlaw Pro Modified Association has become the premier door car organization on the West Coast!

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